The assignment was to launch the new Axe Music line. What's the perfect way to help guys with the mating game? By linking two powerful aphrodisiacs, Axe + Music.
We created instructional videos teaching guys how to apply Axe Music to attract groupies.

On our site users could create their own music videos and send them to friends as an invitation to join their "Axe Music Playlist."

A web game allowed participants to use their Axe Music as a joystick (in front of the webcam) to seduce more groupies to their "Axe Music Playlist."

The objective of the game was to build the playlist with the biggest number of groupies to win a party at the Axe Mansion. Participants also competed for other prizes such as tickets to the Axe Music "One Night Only" concert series.

Role: Idea/Art Direction with CW: Coleman Davis, AD: Jenna Bixler, CD: Juan Blasco, Gonzalo Meyrelles

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