Bones Love Milk


got milk?


The California Milk Processor Board has a longstanding history of communicating primarily to moms. But since research shows a significant drop in milk consumption among pre-teens and teenagers, we proactively created a campaign that speaks directly to them. The end result was an interesting contrast between cool and healthy, the healthy part being milk's ability to build strong bones.

We launched the campaign with two online videos which received more than 700,000 views and more than 84,000 engagements.


Bones Love Milk became an irreverent sub-brand for "got milk?" and expanded into other action sports.

During the winter season, we created the Art of Falling: a content series where Snowboard Olympian, Trevor Jacob, took time off the slopes to learn and share safe falling techniques from different athletic disciplines.


And to tap into the BMX community, we created the first-ever Freestyle Delivery: a milk and pizza combo ordered through social media and delivered by pro riders in the most epic ways imaginable.


Delivering milk and pizza on a BMX bike may not be the most efficient thing ever, but Freestyle Delivery spread like wildfire among riders in Orange County – so much that we ran out of milk and pizza. People were even in disbelief that it was actually real.


Bones Love Milk gave milk the opportunity to overhaul its positioning. The brand has continued to strengthen its association to action sports, leading to the creation of a professional skateboard team and innovation in packaging.



CCO: Dave Damman
ECD: Sebastian Garin
CW: Cameron Murray
Consultant: Chad Foreman