Bones Love Milk


got milk?


Milk consumption has been decreasing, particularly among teens. For them, milk can seem a little boring when compared to attitude-filled energy and sports drinks, and trendy healthy options, which have become stiff competition in the beverage aisle. To change this perception, we launched Bones Love Milk, an action sports brand that reboots milk as a performance and lifestyle drink and speaks to its benefits in a manner that is relevant to teen culture.

Bones Love Milk was launched with two social media posts, which received more than 700,000 views and over 84,000 engagements.


We expanded the brand into a content hub for actions sports. For example, we released the Art of Falling: an episodic video series where Snowboard Olympian, Trevor Jacob, took time off the slopes to learn and share safe falling techniques from different athletic disciplines.


To connect with the BMX community, we created the first-ever Freestyle Delivery: a milk and pizza combo available through social media and delivered by some of the world's best pro riders in the most epic ways imaginable.


Bones Love Milk helped milk attract a new audience. Since launch, the brand has continued to strengthen its association to youth and action sports lifestyle and culture through its world-class professional skateboard team and events, which have caught the attention of the industry.



CCO: Dave Damman
ECD: Sebastian Garin
CW: Cameron Murray
Consultant: Chad Foreman